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A course full of adventures at Le Port de Plaisance campsite

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High wire adventure course,
for fits of laughter and excitement

Get your fill of thrills and laughter with your family at Accro Bat, the adventure course at Le Port de Plaisance campsite in Bénodet. From tree to tree, discover three routes, each one more magical than the next, to introduce you to the joys of the high wire adventure. Situated at the campsite’s entrance, this adventure course offers children and adults alike the opportunity to have fun and enjoy a little adrenaline, due to its giant zip line that lets you fly over the water park!

The "Yellow Trail" is intended for the youngest, who must be at least 2 years old. Perfect for getting your first high wire experience safely! The "Yellow Trail" is for exploring and being introduced to tree climbing. From the ground parents watch over their children, who, like the adults, are equipped with climbing harnesses and snap hooks.
Charge: 1 Yelli token / Tour (1 Yelli = €5)

The "Orange Trail", adapted to children of 6 years old, is about 3 meters high, allowing them to learn independently. They are also equipped with a high-security continuous lifeline system.
Charge: 2 Yelli tokens / Tour (2 Yellis = €10)

The "Green Trail” is reserved for children over 8 years old. It allows children to move through trees on various platforms at a height of 5 metres. They progress through the course independently under the supervision of our instructors.
Charge: 2 Yelli tokens / Tour (2 Yellis = €10)2 Yelli tokens / Tour (2 Yellis = €10)

Finally, the "Blue Trail” is reserved for children over 12 years old. This is the most athletic trail, perfect for teens and adults. The blue course is more physical and impressive, especially with its over 50 meter zip line!
Charge: 2 Yelli tokens / Tour (2 Yellis = €10)

A birthday, a party or simply for an afternoon with friends in Bénodet, take advantage of our best terms reserved for groups from 15 people (on reservation only).

Need more information? Would you like to make a reservation? Please contact the Accro' bat reception on 02 98 57 02 38

Climbing wall and trampoline, children are angels!

At Le Port de Plaisance campsite, sensations are not limited to the adventure course! A climbing wall and a trampoline allow the children to have fun whilst practising two sports and play activities.

Climbing wall

The climbing wall at Le Port de Plaisance campsite is made up of three different access routes that let you climb up to 8 metres above the ground!
Accessible from the age of 6, each ascent is different thanks to the variety of the holds. Thrill seekers can take up new challenges and test their agility.
Climbers are totally autonomous and can choose the level of difficulty for their route and choose when they wish to safely descend. A system of cylinders give climbers self-assurance.
Charge: 1 Yelli token / 10 minutes (1 Yelli = €5)


For young and old alike, come and bounce safely on the two trampolines at our campsite in Bénodet.
Accessible from 15 kilos, each session lets you touch the sky as well as working your abs.
Charge: 1 Yelli token / 10 minutes (1 Yelli = €5)